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About Us!

That Good Sh*t

That Good Sh*t because good music transcends genre! We focus on the power of music to reveal the meaning and beauty of any and all moments. We work with the most innovative, authentic small artists in the game who are changing the way we think about music and constantly raising the bar. We prioritize authenticity over everything.

Curation. We offer one-of-a-kind custom curated playlists to give you a personalized collection of hand-picked music recommendations. Our Spotify and Apple Music hold over 70 curated public playlists. We also curate playlists for your brand or business.

Small artist support. Through showcase events, playlist placements, and social media promotion, we aim to boost the reach of small artists. We support artists who are authentic, energetic, and making real impact.

Community. That Good Sh*t has built a community around our taste in music and our love for everyone involved in creating it. Our community is supportive, compassionate, and innovative. Our network of artists is strongly supported by our network of music-lovers.

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