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Good Sh*t Weekly: March 4th, 2024

Welcome to Good Sh*t Weekly, where we curate you a playlist of bops to help you make it through your week.

Listen to all these songs on our Good Sh*t Weekly playlist on Spotify / Apple!

"Cartagena" - Reyna Tropical

We recently discovered Reyna Tropical, and this song brings out a side of her sounds that's delightfully bright and joyful.

"Fisherrr" - Cash Cobain, Bay Swag

Cash Cobain continues his historic run with "Fisherrr", a new staple for all lovers of sexy drill.

"Foux" - ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul

ScHoolboy Q's "BLUE LIPS" is a masterpiece, and we've quickly fallen in love with every song. The jungle production on "Foux" caught us by surprise in the best way.

"Hot Spot" - Mez, Isaiah Rashad

Mez and Isaiah Rashad link up for a smoooooth collaboration.

"Til My Heart Stops" - Al-Doms, Alessandra Salinas

Al-Doms and Alessandra Salinas both have voices that stand out from the rest- and hearing them together on this track is an otherworldly experience.

"Growing Pains" - The South Hill Experiment, Maxo

The South Hill Experiment's new EP features some exciting collaborations- this one moves slow, guiding us through a journey of beautiful textures and grooves, complete with Maxo's breathtaking vocals.

"act iii: on god? (she like)" - 4batz

The illusive 4batz returns with act iii in his story of tragedy: she's fallen out of love with him and is telling him to move on. Where will he go from here?

"Time Machine" - Kitty Ca$h, Thundercat, James Fauntleroy

Kitty Ca$h's newest original song features two of the greatest musicians of our time; the track begs you to dance, and will certainly be a staple for the upcoming spring season.

"Infatuation!" - Nathanie, 3ee

This one truly does capture the sensual feeling of infatuation; perfect for two vocalists like Nathanie and 3ee whose sounds are oh so soft and silky.

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