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Meechy Darko "Gothic Luxury" Album Review

One of the most underrated voices in rap, Meechy Darko embarks on his solo debut. Known for his raspy voice and gory lyrics, Meech has created this glamorous yet haunting experience. The details in production really help to further this, complete with lighting, thunder and spooky violins. He's explored a range of flows, sometimes paying homage to hip-hop legends. He has a knack for making dark and twisted lyrics sound alluring. Lavi$h Habits & Prada U have infectious hooks, really digging deep into a more luxurious side of things. The features on Gothic Luxury are immaculate, from Freddie Gibbs and Denzel Curry to Busta Rhymes and Black Thought (and more), every feature feels chosen with purpose. Meechy Darko really delivers on everything he's been known for in Flatbush Zombies: raunchy and raspy, brash and bloodthirsty - Gothic Luxury is really the epitome of who he is.


Written by Kat Friar

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