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Sudan Archives "Natural Brown Prom Queen" Album Review

Natural Brown Prom Queen is Sudan Archives' latest masterpiece, from the production to the vocal stylings and lyrical content, her latest work is divinely immaculate. Every mood you can think of is told through catchy hooks and electronic infused alternative R&B production. Her words prove fearless, she oscillates between singing and rapping with ease. The album feels like an amalgamation of her experiences in the form of music.

Each layer in production, whether it's the synths or the violins, works in harmony to give something fresh and exciting. Various genres help give the album shape such as R&B, electronica, folk aswell as instruments from West Africa. It's trance-like in various pockets of the beats. Her ability to transform from track to track is evident. 'OMG BRITT' is experimental trap and the perfect example of her rap ability while 'ChevyS10' has an underlying layer of Afrobeats. Drawing from 80s pop, Freakalizer is the perfect rollerblading song. 'Milk Me' is incredibly sensual, yet still dainty and soft. The tempo of the album flits between up tempo and slower melodies which creates this gorgeous fluidity that helps to keep the narrative afloat.

Opening track 'Homemaker' discusses what goes into to making a relationship a home. Independence is prevalent in her writing, especially on tracks like 'Loyal (EDD)' and 'Selfish Soul'. Pining on 'Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)', she talks about her yearning desires. She details toxic friendship on 'Ciara', with clever quip "I feel two ways about your two face". On 'Copycat (Broken Notions)' she talks about being irreplaceable, that people who copy her will never replicate her.

The experimentation is what makes the album refreshing. The genre blending and the deep dive into what makes Sudan Archives the woman she is today is pushing boundaries in music that haven't been delved into like this before.

There's something magnetic about the way she expresses herself. If you want something that twists and turns at any given moment, this one's for you.


Written by Kat Friar

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