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Zahir "From a Potter's Hands" Album Review

It’s very obvious that this album was put together by people with exquisite taste for hip-hop.

“From a Potter’s Hands” was released earlier this month by incredible creative and TGS team member Zahir. With features from artists like Wakai, nelovesbias, and more, each track takes you through a journey of lofi beats you can sit back and bop your head to, with lyricism that shows great attention to detail and quality.

Our favorite track is definitely “Metamorphosis” with nelovesbias, Wakai, and Nye, which has a beat slightly reminiscent of the classic So[Rt] by Knxwledge, and incredibly strong verses from everyone involved.

We also DIED when we heard “Promise” come in sampling Devil’s Pie by D’Angelo.

This is a perfect picture of a unique pocket of the underground hip hop scene right now and a testament to the fact that these artists are focused on being the best they can be. And they’re absolutely killing it.

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