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Our Curators

The music-lovers behind That Good Sh*t!

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TGS Founder

Loves: Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, R&B, all good sh*t!

Favorite artists rn: Liv.e, Smino, Doechii, NxWorries

Curating style: "I curate based off emotion; I like to close my eyes and visualize how the listener will feel as each songs plays. I love including hidden gems for the listener to discover."

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Loves: R&B, Hip-Gop, House, Afrobeats

Favorite artists rn: Doechii, Mariah the Scientist, MAVI

Curating style: "I feel like sequencing plays such a big part in how I curate and it can go one of two ways - storytelling or genre/vibe based. It needs to have a consistent flow or narrative."


Loves: Alternative Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, R&B

Favorite artists rn: Saba, Tyler the Creator, Wakai

Curating style: "I make playlists based on songs that make me feel like I'm daydreaming. . I pick songs that work cohesively to create an experience for the listener."

Kimo Fong

Loves: (insert genres)

Favorite artists rn: Gorillaz, Shy High, Kah-lo

Curating style: "My curating style relies a lot on how my mind perceives what I'm listening to and imagery it brings to mind."

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Loves: Bangers / Angsty and Sad Music

Favorite artists rn: Vince Staples, Channel Tres, Alexandra Savior

Curating style: "Mostly all of my playlist making revolves around a specific theme or vibe I'm going for.  For example: (simp to some soul on a Sunday, the color blue, Selina Kyle's iPod."


Loves: Electronica, Experimental Hip-Hop, anything with good production!

Favorite artists rn: Kendrick Lamar, Westside Gunn, Hiatus Kaiyote

Curating style: (insert curating style)

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Favorite artists rn: Tyler the Creator, Kaytranada, JME

Curating style: (insert curating style)

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Marcus Greggory

Loves: (insert genres)

Favorite artists rn: Smino, Westside Gunn, and T-Pain

Curating style: (insert curating style)

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Grace Enright

Loves: (insert grenre)

Favorite artists rn: Tyler the Creator, Smino, Isaiah Rashad

Curating style: (insert curating style)


Quincy Davis

Loves: Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Deep House, UKG

Favorite artists rn: Lucki, Earl Sweatshirt, Westside Gunn

Curating style: (insert curating style)

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