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3 Years of "Let The Sun Talk": Album Review

As we enjoy every moment of MAVI’s new album “Laughing so Hard, it Hurts”, we also wanted to take a moment to reflect on this very special 3 year anniversary of “Let The Sun Talk”☀️

MAVI's debut album is turning 3 today. Let The Sun Talk is full of samples and emotions. Beginning the album with defining what it means to be pro-Black, he develops on this throughout the album. Tackling love, race, family, lack of trust for the government and more, the intro track 'Terms & Conditions' plants the seeds for the rest of the tracks on the album to further discuss these topics. The anecdotal storytelling of his mental health and factors impacting it is somber yet scenic. His bars run deep, a poetic depression. The production feels abstract, the perfect example of jazz rap. It's mellow and melancholy, but still warm and soulful.

The sampling in the production allows tenderness to flood through the sonics despite the desolate nature of the lyrical content.

You can hear the passion when he raps, the raw emotion is incredibly captivating. A multi-producer work of art, though notably with credits from Ovrkast and Earl Sweatshirt, Let The Sun Talk's production may be full of samples but it really lets the sun shine through. Every track still feels luminous and rich in spirit despite how truly sad some of these songs are. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a way out of a dark place.


Written by Kat Friar

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