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Adanna Duru "Nappy Hour" EP Review

Adanna Duru might be an artist who's new to your ears but her debut EP Nappy Hour is poised and polished. Channelling Afrobeats, funk and pop while the foundations remain in R&B make for a soothing yet exciting listen.

Adanna's vocals are sultry and rich, which really amplifies the parts of the EP where she explores feeling sexy. She's also got vocal range you can mostly hear on 'POP!' where she starts off several octaves higher than majority of the EP. The Afrobeats drum loops made for the perfect genre bending lead single. 'BABIES' and 'Boogie' explore the heights and infatuation of a new relationship. Both tracks contain elements of funk that flow through underneath her lush vocals effortlessly. 'ur a bitch' explores toxic friendship, hitting toxic friends with the harsh line 'Have you ever thought that you don't got no friends 'cause you're a bitch?' which is juxtaposed by the sugary sweet pop production.

Pockets in her lyricism really promote tender, unconditional love. 'Stay In' has this reassuring sentiment, that no matter where she is with her lover she's happy so long as she's with him. "Paradise, no I don't mind your baggage" on 'Write On Me" really demonstrates taking all of someone, even the heavier parts of who they are. 'Stay In', a silky smooth, seductive R&B track is the perfect home for a Leven Kali feature. His buttery vocals drip through the chorus in an overlap before his sensual verse takes the forefront. She also explores self confidence through the lens of a Black woman in her lyrics "I'm that new bitch rockin' my 4C" and "My kinky hair, my booty in my dress".

Write On Me sees the return of that Afrobeats bounce and explores newfound success "Bank account goin' crazy / Follows on the daily".

Each song on 'NAPPY HOUR' is the life of a party, whether it's a kickback, a night out or a private one with you and your lover, Adanna Duru has created the perfect soundtrack to it.


Review written by Kat Friar

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