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Bib Sama "PLATINUS ✧" Album Review

PLATINUS ✧, the debut mixtape from bib sama, will blast you off into space. He creates intricate soundscapes, experimenting with various sonics to create a one of a kind listening experience. A North London native that's breaking the mould of the UK music scene; his wordplay is innovative and when you combine that with production that has you feeling like you're in a video game it sets you apart from the rest of the scene. His cadence fluctuates between hard hitting and melodic, he navigates each complex beat with ease. The mixtape dances between being jam packed with adrenaline while a few other tracks offer slightly calmer energy, almost acting as a breather between the songs that go full throttle. The cohesiveness remains, he employs similar elements of production across the tracks that give it one consistent sonic across all the tracks, but still switches it up on every track. PLATINUS ✧ is an escape from reality that highlights bib sama.'s ability to steer the boat and ride the waves of elaborate production.


Written by Kat Friar

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