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Diz "the way forward is not the way home" Album Review

The latest creation from Diz is some of the most stellar and exciting abstract rap to date.

The production on the project is layered to create a feeling of drifting through life, it lays the perfect foundation for Diz's slow-moving cadence. The saxophone solo on 'running away' elevates the jazz influence. 'Hunger', produced by chasay, has this acoustic guitar loop that envokes escapism that lies within its mellow tones'. Continuing on this feeling, the fluttering synth on 'least of all' carries the transcending vibe with a more futuristic approach. 'day by day' loops the first eight count of cosmic collective's 'library of the universe', then a booming kick drum loop helps construct a flow-elevating soundscape in the vein of boom bap. The triumphant brass section on 'victory lap' helps push the message of diligence, pushing forward and success.

MaadebySaade's sluggish storytelling on 'Hunger' blends right into the floating feeling of the album. Gio Genesis has a velvety cadence that flow perfectly on 'day by day', his bars are full of introspection and motivation. Cisco Swank's feature on 'oneday' helps to carry this sentiment as his verse speaks on believing in yourself and pushing through diligently.

The 20-minute project is perfect to press play during the times when you need a push. It's a reminder that the pressures of life can be difficult, but you just have to keep pushing forward and it does get better. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's the perfect album to take with you on a walk when you need an incentive to keep going.


Written by Kat Friar

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