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Fana Hues "flora + fana" Album Review

Submerge yourself into the majestic world of Fana Hues. The enchantment is in full force as she bares all on her sophomore album. She displays an array of reflections across laidback yet still subtly whimsical production. She has created a garden of growth and healing, each track a different flower- a different fragment of emotion.

Fana's voice feels dainty and tranquil, with the sweet honey of a lullaby. The production often feels like drifting through the ocean, and if the production is a boat then Fana's vocals are the steering wheel. She's managed to wrap vulnerability in silk and deliver an oscillation of feels. Flora + Fana has made for one of the most fascinating R&B releases in a while, the beauty of it lying in its ethereal nature.


Written by Kat Friar

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