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Jordan Ward "FORWARD" Album Review

Jordan Ward's debut is perfect for spring. The album is an optimistic, uplifting listen. There's elements of funk and indie pop that he's combined with cute, bouncy R&B vocals.

Fragments of the album feel like reminiscing with a smile whereas other parts of it feel hopeful towards the future. 'FAMJAM4000' reflects on his childhood and promotes family love. Every song on this album makes you want to dance. He's often referencing racing in cars, which is ultimately quite freeing and on 'DANCE MACHINE' the pace of the production is quite high speed, embodying that racing motion.

The overall production feels really animated, incredibly fun and groovy. His vocals are often pitched quite high to match the production. It's a light and refreshing to R&B with a clear dance influence.

The collaborations on the album feel like he's just having fun with her friends. Joony's vocals vary with a smooth yet airy chorus and a slick verse that compliments Jordan Ward's high energy on the track. The sweet sounds of Gwen Bunn on '311' over harmonious production really give an ethereal feeling to the track. Lead single 'WHITE CROCS' packs an infectious bounce, that Ryan Trey glides on with bars that demonstrate his glamorous storytelling. Lido's mellow vocals on 'PRICE TAG/BEVERLYWOODS' give the song a slightly more heartfelt feeling as do his lyrics - 'Since I was taken for granted, the price of my attention has gone up.' R&B princess Joyce Wrice gorgeous, sugary sweet tone slides right in to the groove on bonus track 'SIDEKICK'. The parallel's between her verse and the chorus are pretty well thought out too - Jordan's chorus goes "We don't wanna hurt nobody / Girl, you got a perfect body" and Joyce's verse includes "I don't really need nobody / you be out with everybody", demonstrating the contrasting perspectives.

Jordan Ward's debut is wonderfully carefree. With a high level of optimism and a bubbly soundscape, he's proving to be a prominent artist in contemporary R&B.


Review written by Kat Friar

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