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Liv.e "Couldn't Wait To Tell You..." Album Review

Neo-soul hasn’t seen an artist hone in on her craft like this since Erykah Badu.

Liv.e’s Couldn’t Wait To Tell You encompasses vibrant production filled with bluesy keys, funky bass and rich, soulful sonics that create a hazy, tranquil listening experience. Liv.e spills her thoughts and emotions into her music like she’s writing in her diary thus creating an intimate insight into the mind of a twenty-something Black woman that intertwines with the layers of various instruments used to create this masterpiece. The honeyed vocal stylings of Liv.e are accompanied by whimsical, witty lyrics as Liv.e envelops us in her vivid, exuberant world. These elements work together in harmony to concoct this one of a kind album that That Good Sh*t has deemed an essential, heavily revisited by our founder Annabelle.


Album review written by Kat Friar

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