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MAVI "Laughing so Hard, it Hurts" Album Review

MAVI's sophomore album, Laughing so Hard it Hurts, is a delightful creation from MAVI. The whimsical details in the production and profound lyrics really prove that music is an art form to MAVI. He's exercised his way with words on this album, writing divinities such as "Praying they still make love in my size” on ‘High John’. His cadence triumphant as he reflects on failed relationships, losing his uncle and cousin, love and addiction. Meanwhile the idea of death and rebirth run through the veins of the album.

Quite a few producers create this nature-like soundscape, from monte booker to Wulf Morpheus. There's this consistent rhythm throughout thats amplified through the tranquil keys and kick drums. Gorgeous saxophone lurks in the background of 'Doves'. 'Having My Way' has keys that descend, creating a spiral effect on the ear. On 'Reason!', Ovrkast takes 'La Norte Muore' by Sandro Brugnolini and reshapes it into this abstract rap beat. 'My Good Ghosts', produced by COFFEEBLACK, uses pitched vocals of Ray Parker Jr.'s 'Let Me Go' and a drum loop sampled from 'I Miss You' by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes ft. Teddy Pendergrass.

Amindi's feature on 'Trip' is first heard immersed into the production in the introduction before her glistening vocals are spotlighted in the chorus and during the verse. She's the only feature on the album and it's a nice break in the rap that compliments it perfectly. The album still carries the vulnerability of his last album, yet it feels so much more uplifting. It feels like he's looking back in retrospect rather than sitting in his feelings like he was before. It's an album that evokes serenity from the charming production to the illuminating bars.


Written by Kat Friar

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