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Omar Apollo "Ivory" Album Review

Omar Apollo's debut album is laced with nostalgia and emotion. He explores a multitude of sounds as he wanders through his feelings. Rich 2000s sounds blast through tracks like Tamagotchi and No Good Reason. Pharrell's production on Tamagotchi is prevalent from the moment the four count blesses the listener's ears. No Good Reason is the lovechild of Kitty Kat by Beyoncé and Touch My Body by Mariah Carey. Talk has a more punk rock feel whereas Go Away follows a lighter indie pop vibe. En El Olivido taps into his Mexican roots. His range is impeccable, he's truly shown he can slide with ease on these different sounds. Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis make for excellent collaborators on Invincible and Bad Life. The writing on this album also feels thoughtful, it's clear he's paid a lot of attention to detail to his the surroundings of his heartaches. He's even utilised rapping on certain tracks that contribute to he can do musically. His vocals flourish as he explores unrequited love tenderly. The bilingual musical mastermind that is Omar Apollo has truly demonstrated the art of the debut album. Though he is no stranger to R&B, Ivory not only expresses his emotions but truly articulates his musicianship as he bounces from one genre to the next.


Written by Kat Friar

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