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Pigeons & Planes x Big.Ass.Kids "See You Next Year" Album Review

Pigeons and Planes and Big.Ass.Kids have recruited underdogs of their craft to come together on See You Next Year. The variation in genre to which these artists belong to has created a fruitful journey through the album with no two songs sounding alike. Teezo Touchdown opens the album beautifully, the birds chirping really shows the attention to detail in production. Tracks like I Guess, Mean Girl and Gum really have you feeling like you're in a coming of age movie from the 2000s. We drift to some dreamy R&B with Dreamer Isioma and Fana Hues, before meeting the rappers Pigeons and Planes have drafted for the compilation album. Highlights of this section include float by redveil and Dimes by Ben Reilly, Miseye and TrackTeam. Overall, it's an astounding summer listen showcasing rising talent that's perfect for anyone looking to discover new artists in different genres.


Written by Kat Friar

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