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Steve Lacy "Gemini Rights" Album Review

The sophomore album from Steve Lacy, Gemini Rights definitely resonates with many. The lovelorn lyrics are relatable, coming from a place of heartbreak and filled with angst. They're witty and detailed, accompanied by his catchy melodies and pop punk leaning vocals. The exploration of vocal techniques on this album gives it captivating texture as Steve plays around with song structure and various singing styles. The name dropping on Cody Freestyle makes the story he tells all the more personal. The production is percussion heavy with kaleidoscopic funk laced throughout. Foushee's backing vocals and her feature on Sunshine are angelic as ever and help to provide the world of Gemini Rights some more dimension, as does the scat style singing in tracks like Static and Helmet. Steve's new sound stays consistent from track to track as he remains deep in his feelings on each song.


Written by Kat Friar

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