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Good Sh*t Weekly: January 22nd, 2024

Welcome to Good Sh*t Weekly, where we curate you a playlist of bops to help you make it through your week.

Listen to all these songs on our Good Sh*t Weekly playlist on Spotify / Apple!

"Good Guys - pt. 2"- chlothegod & Amindi

The dynamic duo brings us a fluttery, cute, fun-filled bop reminding us that "good guys are b*tches" with commitment issues! The music video is also adorable.

"Crowded Roomz"- Nia Archives

This song is a beautiful juxtaposition of fast-paced, high energy jungle production with dark, moody lyricism. We adore Nia Archives' ability to open up in her music, and in this song she shares with us her looming feelings of lonliness and isolation. Funny how a song that feels like it's made to be played in the club can talk about

"BAD NEWS"- REHMA, Alé Araya

REHMA and Alé Araya have us in a trance with their spacey production and heavenly harmonies on "BAD NEWS". Check out their incredible music video here!

"BACK OUTSIDE"- Latto, Anycia

We were STOKED to see this collaboration. We love the energy of this song, with Anycia starting it off letting us know that she's outside and this dude has her feeling pissed off! These two women are leading the pack in rap, and we love seeing them come together.

"Pretty Ass Bish"- Che Ecru

Che Ecru's most recent album "I CANT FOCUS" is packed full of R&B gems, and "Pretty Ass Bish" is the most addicting of them all. The opening line "I ain't tryna S-I-M-P, but you look so good I don't know why you with me" sets the scene for a seductive track with a hypnotic bounced produced by Che himself.

"swag it!"- Chow Lee

When Chow Lee said "they call me Mr. Vagina"... we really felt that. Chow Lee and Cash Cobain are the duo of the century, and this song is the perfect example.

"Passports & Suitcases"- Joey Bada$$, KayCyy

The new single from Joey Bada$$ and KayCyy has been all over our Twitter timeline (the people have lots of opinions). We personally love seeing Joey experiment with a new sound, and KayCyy is a perfect selection as a co-star. The song is melodic and lovey, all about taking your lover away on a vacation for two.

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